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Wedding Day Information Prep. Form

Wedding Day Information and Timeline

Get in touch with me on the day of the wedding: 516-721-1364

Let's make a great plan for your wedding day! After you fill out this basic information, we will make a firm timeline. Just tell me what you know and leave the rest blank.


***IF POSSIBLE, please text your room numbers the night before to 516-721-1364 Lana

  • Please have flowers delivered prior to photographer’s arrival for both Bride and Groom. We will need them for all the detail and portrait photos.
  • The dress should be hanging on the hanger you want it photographed on. All packaging removed.
  • We will need a full set of invitation suite, flowers, all your accessories, jewelry and shoes for detail photos. It is helpful to have all the items assembled in one spot so I can get started right away. The wedding rings can be with the Bride for photos.
  • Hair and make-up must be MOSTLY DONE when the photographer arrives. The few last moments of hair/make-up is all we need. The full process is not photographed.
  • If rain is in the forecast, please provide clear umbrellas for your wedding party if you wish to have photos outside. We can get photos in light rain or snow.