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Wedding at Flowerfield Celebrations

Flowerfield Celebration, Saint James, NY

Any couple that chooses to have their wedding at Flowerfield Celebrations in Saint James is going to be very pleased. The facility is spacious. They can accomodate over 300 guests. There are very few venues that can make that claim! This particular wedding caterer offers several unique options that will make your wedding day run very smoothly.

1. There is plenty of space! The cocktail hour room is an open floor plan with multiple bar locations so your guests will not need to wait for the featured cocktail! The tables are well spaced out making it easy to walk around and access food stations.

2. Ceremony can be held inside or outside. The inside option is perfect for the winter weddings or if rain is in the forecast. The outside location features a long, wooden bridge for the Bride to enter the ceremony. The Gazebo if also a nice feature especially when decorated with gorgeous florals.

3.The photos session locations are numerous! There are fruit orchards, gardens, vineyards, outdoor fireplace, ponds and water fountains for the perfect backdrop. There is even a rustic house (more of a chicken coop) and bridge hidden in the back!

4. Your reception will be one great party! The base all-white decor of the room allows you to select the room up lighting and set the mood. Magenta? Blue? You pick.

This unique, park-like venue has been owned and operated by LOVIN' OVEN CATERING. They always do a fabulous job and set out an impressive food display. The cocktail hour is simply opulent. There is more food and variety than in any other place I have ever seen! Your guests are sure to be impressed, especially if they are not used to the New York weddings.