Flowerfield, Saint James, NY Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
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Lana Rowe Photography

Flowerfield, Saint James, NY Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Flowerfield in Saint James, NY has so many lovely locations on the property. It is a dream to photograph weddings with all these amazing scenic options. This image was captured right after they were pronounced husband and wife. You can clearly see the excitement on their faces! It was a gorgeous summer day. The bubbles added to the festive colors of the celebration. The blush gown was spectacular and unique- just like the couple!

What are some options for the end of ceremony- bubbles, rice, etc?

Some locations, such as churches, have a restriction on what is allowed to be thrown as the couple exits the church.

Pelting newlyweds with uncooked starchy vegetables is a time-honored tradition meant to shower the new couple with prosperity, fertility and, of course, good fortune. However, that is mostly no longer permitted for a variety of reasons. This couple chose to use bubbles at the end of their ceremony held by the gazebo at Flowerfield.

So, what are some other photogenic options? The bubbles are fantastic and environmentally friendly. Ribbon tied to stick and waved in the air can be fun too. Some couples like to release butterflies or birds...that can cause some interesting dilemmas or awesome photo ops! Whatever you do, consider the rules of the venue and the environment.

Location: Flowerfield Celebrations, 199 Mills Pond Rd, St James, NY 11780.