There are many professional wedding photographers on Long Island.  “The Knot” currently lists over 400!  How is a newly engaged couple to know what the “best” option is for them?

Here are my top 10 requirements I would consider necessary to be considered professional wedding photographer. Your wedding photos are important!  Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone not ready for the challenge!

  • In person meeting – preferably an office not a Starbucks.  You want to know they have an actual place of business and will be there in a year or more! Wedding photography is a specialty.  No one needs to “practice” on your wedding!
  • Many years of experience plus rave reviews from real clients.  No one should be fumbling trying to figure out what to de next on your wedding day! It takes hundreds of weddings to get to the level of competence to handle any wedding situation smoothly. SEE MY REVIEWS HERE
  • A consistent body of work.  Are they able to do a beautiful job every time or only under ideal circumstances?  Can they make a rainy, snowy day look amazing?
  • Natural, beautiful images that will withstand the test of time.  Try to avoid overly “stylized” photos.  They are awesome now, but in 10 years, they may look silly to you.
  • Fast delivery of images-4 weeks max.
  • Creative, tailored approach to each wedding- not same for all!
  • Impeccable customer service and fast response to inquiries or concerns.
  • Fully insured- a must!
  • Takes time to understand what is important to you!  A professional photographer must be able to adjust to the client, not the other way around.  If you want more candid coverage- great! More formal- awesome!  Flexibility is key to making couples and families happy. It’s your wedding after all.
  • Best equipment possible! State of the art cameras, lighting and lenses are what makes it possible to be the best wedding photographer you can be.  Yes, it’s not the camera that creates the image, but I sure prefer to create with the best possible tools. Multiple sets of back up equipment, a variety of lighting and creativity are all a must for a successful day.

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